1. Shanti says:

    Hi.im shanti.38.im biplor mood disorders type 2.a few years back I relapsed due to stress at work..with combination of overdose due to family problems I was diagnosed on 2015 with manic depression.i been in financially unstable.which resulted in more stress.my parents are old and have mild mental retardation.from a young age I had lots a areas which cud have caused the illness.i have OCD aswell.i can’t find a suitable place for accomdation due to crime and theft.please help


  2. Shanti says:

    I find myself been happy when I’m in my own space.where do I find suitable accomdation


    1. Stories That Connect Us says:

      I’m sorry I do not have enough knowledge to recommend a place for you. Keep seeking a place that makes you happy and stable. It may take some time but you’ll end up where you need to be.


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